Why is Smartgrip® more expensive for the Xbox One Controller than for the PS4 version?

Smartgrip® for the Xbox One Controller is more expensive to manufacture. The cut consists of several parts, which are stitched together and need to be cleaned and tapped in several additional steps. Smartgrip® for Xbox One is perfect in the hands and gives a great grip feeling like the PS4 version.

What can i do when the seam of the grip is disturbing while playing?

In this case, the two horns on the left and right were not screwed in enough. Take off your Smartgrip® and turn the left croissant further to the left and the right croissant a bit further to the right. This will turn the seam allowance away from your fingertips.

Why does a peeling on the fabric surface constitute?

Smartgrip® is 55% cotton. The moisture of the hands is thus optimally absorbed and a concentrated match is nothing in the way. The resulting friction of the hands creates the so-called peeling. These are fabric dots that can not be avoided and do not have a negative impact on gaming. We offer our customers an exclusive exchange service. Here you have the opportunity to receive a new one by submitting your old Smartgrip® cover for a lower price.

Contact us for this service with your Smartgrip® registered email address at: service@smartgrip.com