Experience the revolutionary SMARTGRIP cover a gaming-experience under complete control. With the SMARTGRIP cover, you will always be in control of your controller even when your hands start to sweat. Due to its advanced technology, you won’t lose your grip on the controller during crucial situations. No matter if gripping boss-fight or intense gaming-session – SMARTGRIP is the perfect solution for pure gaming indulgence.


Thanks to its tailored fit the SMARTGRIP lays on the controller perfectly and gives you a comfortable sensation during gaming. The SMARTGRIP guarantees you the perfect grip on your controller without shifting around – even in the most intense gaming-sessions. Its properties also protect your controller from possible residue and the moisture of your hands. We solely use the highest quality materials during the production and process them per hand and with a lot of love for the details in Hamburg. With an excellent design and a big variety of border colors we give your controller more personality.



The outlining is based on 100% cotton which allows the sweat (from your hands) to be absorbed into the inner part of the SMARTGRIP, where the humidity vanishes through the air-circulation on the inside. The solid fit is provided by a polyurethan-coating on the inside, which allows a perfect grip between coat and controller. The combination of both materials makes the difference between our product and other competitors that are only using silicon or foam-based materials, which are non-breathable and not humidity absorbing materials.


Due to hygienic reasons, we developed the SMARTGRIP to be washable at 30° degrees. This means you can take off the SMARTGRIP with only two easy steps without any kind of residue on the controller and wash it in a regular washing machine. This way you can always keep it fresh and ready for any gaming-session.