The Smartgrip is the controller grip you need whether you are a serious or casual gamer. If you are looking for controller grips with the technology and design used by professional gamers, this is the controller cover for you and will help take your gaming to the next level. 

Advantages of the Smartgrip controller cover include:

  • A thin fabric cover that is responsive and keeps your hands comfortable for those long gaming sessions.
  • Custom-fit to your controller means increased grip and more control.
  • A wide variety of colors are available, allowing you to customize your look.
  • The cotton top layer provides a cool, comfortable grip that absorbs and wicks away sweat.
  • The polyurethan-coating on the underside makes for a slip-resistant connection to your controller and won’t ruin it with messy permanent adhesive.
  • Smartgrip controller grips are washable, which extends their life and makes them easy to clean.

When you are gaming, every little advantage you can get makes a difference, and the Smartgrip pro controller grips provide you with one more advantage over your rivals. Bringing technology, form, and function together, SmartGrip controller covers take your gaming to the next level. You know that one person who seems to beat you every time and how good it will feel when you finally beat them. With a Smartgrip controller grip, you will look good and feel good when victory comes!

Smartgrip controller covers are available for Playstation and Xbox controllers, with more options coming soon. 

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