Why is there pilling (small beads on the fabric surface) on the Smartgrip?

The so-called pilling is an unsightly side effect of fabrics. The small lint on the fabric is caused by the fact that small fibers that have already been loosened or loosened clump together into small balls through friction and since the surface of the Smartgrip is made of cotton, this unfortunately cannot be avoided. However, you can prevent this by washing the Smartgrip regularly. You can also simply remove these with a lint razor.

How can I wash the Smartgrip?

You can easily wash the Smartgrip at 30 degrees in the washing machine or simply by hand. Chlorine and bleaching agents should be avoided.

How long does shipping take?:

Germany-wide 1-3 working days, international 3-14 days.

How do you put on the Smartgrip?

Each Smartgrip comes with instructions that explain the process, but if it still doesn't work quite so well, then in this tutorial we'll show you how to put it on correctly.

For which controllers is the Smartgrip available?

The Smartgrip for PS4, PS5, Xbox One is currently available in 12 different edge colors. We are always trying to expand our range. If you need a grip for a different controller, you are welcome to send us an inquiry via Instagram.

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